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Upgrade Your FM Knowledge and Get the Recognition You Deserve.

The FM skills gap is real. Our team of experts can help ensure you’re prepared for any FM challenge thrown your way.

New and more complex demands present themselves on almost a daily basis, with FM roles expanding past traditional duties to include strategic business skills, asset management and more. On top of that, 91% of employers say there’s a gap between the skills and knowledge their team has and what they need to excel.So, how you can fill your gaps and make an impact on your career and your organization?

This is where our ProFM Credential Program courses come in. Our expert instructor will guide you through the entire ProFM Body of Knowledge, which includes 19 functional knowledge areas and 5 cross-functional competencies, while helping prepare you for success on the ProFM Credential Final Assessment. Once completed, you’ll have the confidence to tackle any FM challenge thrown your way and gain the recognition you deserve when you add “ProFM” after your name.

Personalized and Flexible.

Finding the time to focus on career training can be tough when you’re managing a busy workday and responsibilities at home. Stay on track with a structured learning experience and expert support.

Affordable Programs.

Our ProFM® credential course is built on the ProFM Body of Knowledge, which defines the 19 functional FM knowledge areas and five cross-functional competencies required of today’s facility professionals. ProFM also reflects the globalization of the FM profession by incorporating the ISO 41000 international FM standards and US Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA).

1-on-1 Support.

Gain guidance from our ProFM-credentialed instructors to help you learn and apply your new FM knowledge. Network with other FMs like you to share real-life examples and bring FM knowledge and competencies to life.

I truly enjoyed EVERY portion of this course and I am very very happy I found time to attend. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their respective areas. I will recommend this program to everyone at my company.

- ProFM Global Education Partner Course Participant

7th, 2023

Runs For 20 Weeks
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM AST

What to Expect

High-Quality Instruction

Learn from highly respected and experienced, ProFM-credentialed instructors with years of hands-on experience in FM.

Virtual Classroom

Interact with your instructor and fellow classmates in virtual environments available anywhere with an internet connection.

Time Commitment

Attend classes weekly for 20-weeks, with time to study materials in between classes on your own unique schedule.

Structured Learning

Keep yourself accountable and stay on track to earn your ProFM credential with a structured learning experience and support.

ProFM Credential Program Tools

The ProFM Credential Program is an all-in-one program that includes everything you need to broaden your facility management knowledge and skills, prove your competency, and earn the ProFM credential. This program includes reading materials, online study tools and the ProFM final assessment.

If I miss an online session will I be able to watch a recording?

Recordings of all sessions are available to course participants

What if I already own the ProFM Credential Program, but want to join your course?

Contact us to get set up your registration.

Will earning my ProFM credential add to my credibility?

ProFM is a universal credential designed to benefit all facility professionals, regardless of career stage, industry or country.
The credential will:

  • Expand your FM knowledge and skills, filling in any gaps you may have
  • Teach you to apply the latest best practices to your job immediately
  • Help you develop your strategic business skills to benefit your entire organization
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers
  • Build confidence for leadership roles and decisions
How do I attend a class?

Once you complete registration and payment, you can attend classes online.

Can I ask the instructor questions during the online sessions?

We would like our sessions to be interactive and partitcipants are encouraged to ask questions.

How long is the course?

The course will cover a period of 20 weeks.

Is the ProFM final assessment included with this course?

Yes. The two-part ProFM final assessment is included in your access to the program. You can take the final assessment as many times as you need, at no extra cost to you.

Do I need to purchase the ProFM Credential Program separately?

No. The ProFM Credential Program is included with this program. There are no additional costs.

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